Megan Cuhpoe, NCIDQ



Cuhpoe is a boutique interior design studio located in Washington, DC with a focus on hospitality, home and highly experiential environments. Cuhpoe was founded to bridge the gap between interiors, architecture, and the many things in between. With a strong focus on interior architecture, furniture, fixtures, materials and art, Cuhpoe frequently partners with developers, business owners, contractors, architects, furniture procurement agents, artists, artisans and other designers to bring one of a kind visions to life.

Megan Cuhpoe is an interior designer and founder of Cuhpoe. With an interior mindset and exterior worldview, she is passionate about spaces that contribute to the fabric of their surroundings. She believes in a holistic approach to design, working with a variety of disciplines, artisans and makers to create uniquely integrated experiences and places. Megan's background includes interior design, fine arts and consumer psychology, which inform a unique approach to design solutions and sourcing. For more than a decade, her portfolio has centered around design and specifications for restaurants, cafes, hotels, multi-family amenity spaces, retail, residential homes and creative workspaces, as well as the design of custom furniture, fixtures and materials.

Cuhpoe is a licensed and CBE certified interior design business in Washington, DC.